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How to connect with the local Montreal crowd

Hi everyone :) I'm thinking of moving to Montreal next year, and am hoping to meet some like-minded people. I've been searching around for any message boards or other sites where I can find out info about the local goth scene in your city, but this seems to be the only site I can find and doesn't appear to be very active. Can anyone point me in the direction of a site that is more frequently used, or is this my best bet?

A short intro: I'm in my late 20s, needing a change so thinking of moving from Victoria (here's our local page: to Montreal. I'd love to be able to chat with people before I go, find out about ongoing local events, etc. I enjoy some older music (Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, etc.) and some newer stuff (The Birthday Massacre, Hocico, Ashbury Heights). Blue haired, pierced, animal loving vegan (who doesn't judge what other people choose to eat!).

I had a friend named David who was a member of the goth community in Montreal when he used to live there. He told me lots about your city and I anticipate exploring and seeing all the great things I've heard about. Unfortunately he passed away last year, but I'm still planning on going to check it out.

Thanks for your time, and take care!
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